Taking a short break

We want to express a warm and sincere ‘Thank You’ to everyone who came out to the shows along our NorthEast route making each show a new and exhilarating experience.

Some fans have asked, “What next for the band?” We’re taking a short hiatus to do some traveling and work on some new tracks for you! That being said, we don’t like leaving you hanging without something new and exciting. So we’ll be releasing our About to Pop music video this month for your viewing pleasure.

We’re also planning to release a short film we made to give you a glimpse at our tour, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Wishing everyone an awesome holiday! Celebrate with friends and family. Find comfort and happiness in giving to others this season :) We love you!

Tals & the G

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Take off!

We had a great first time experience with the good people of New Paltz!! We took the stage at Snugs Friday night and enjoyed playing for a vibrant, dancing crowd. We’re happy that we’ll be playing there again on this tour and headlining this time (!) on Saturday, November 30th.
We opened the night with our World Pop flavor and enjoyed the reggae/ska band that followed, The Big Takeover.

Our second stop this weekend was in Binghamton NY at my old stomping grounds, The CyberCafe West. It was so nice being there and singing our newest material for old friends.
If you’re ever in the Binghamton area, be sure to stop at this awesome place. The food, the energy, and the music that comes through this cafe make it so special to so many. Keep giving back to this small business that makes a difference for so many.

Our next stop is Stella Blues LLC in New Haven, CT. See you there Thursday night!

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About to POP!

And we don’t mean this kind of pop! http://instagram.com/p/fqta30QvvU/

The tour is just over a week away and I’m beside myself with excitement, anticipation. Looking forward to taking the show on the road, back to back gigs, bonding with my beautiful band, creating exciting and inspiring performances…THIS is just the beginning. Hope to see you along the way.


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Full Circle Music Productions

We’re proud to be working with Full Circle Music Productions to finalize the dates of our tour. With the support of booker, Derek Haviland, we are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lay ahead.

The finalized schedule will be released shortly before our Halloween show at Bitter End and we hope that you can make it to one or more shows along the way!!

Stickers, t-shirts and CDs have been ordered and are ready for purchase!

Look out for a soon to be released special video as well ;)

We love you.


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The final step!

Hello everyone!
This is the final portion of our fundraising campaign for our North East tour this Fall.
We want to thank all of our fans, friends and loved ones who have supported us throughout the year at our other events and helped us get to where we are today. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you.
In this last step, we ask that you check out our video and help us spread the word about what we’re doing and where we’re going this Fall when we finally take the full band on the road.


Much love and gratitude,

T & G

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