Breakdowns and breakthroughs, rinse and repeat.

Fresh into my 33rd year with a big realization that I think will ultimately change my life for the better.  Not that it’s been an easy realization to digest along the way.  For over five years I’ve poured my heart, my soul and my wallet into the dream of ‘making it’. The goal that one day at least a million people will hear my music around the world. The fantasy that I will one day wake up to hear my music featured on the radio or be featured on a daytime show. The vision of having a kick ass band and touring through Europe together….

After these years of growth, of successes and failures, of built musical relationships and broken ones, I am tired.. I’m tired because the dream of creating music professionally has become something else.  All of a sudden it’s about social networking, how many ‘likes’ I have, talking less, drinking less and secluding myself from everyone around me to avoid further damage to my already injured voice. It got to the point where I felt like I was in a cage. Music became more about marketing myself as a product rather than simply doing what I love. For a minute I lost sight of the one thing that brings me complete joy. The place where I can be lost and found at the same time. The part of me that speaks my truest voice.  My most vulnerable pleasure.  Well…one of my most vulnerable pleasures.

I’m over chasing a band with the hopes of a collaboration when dollar signs speak louder than the pure enjoyment of collaboration, harmony and innovation. It’s been discouraging to lose so many wonderful musicians because of that. Of course I get it. But it sucks. I never pictured it like this.. maybe because everyone in college was just down to play music for the sake of the music and only the music.

I may not be famous. I may not have a band.

In the end, I’m just a girl with a guitar.

And that’s just perfect.

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I’ll be Waiting

Five months ago my father went to the hospital for a check up. The doctor told him it’s a miracle he is alive and that he must prepare for an immediate open heart surgery. After the surgery, we heard from family members that it was successful. More than anything, though, I wanted to hear it from my dad.  I wrote this song while I was waiting for him to wake up and tell me that he’s okay….I’m grateful every day that he is healthy and regaining his strength.

I’ll be Waiting – A song for my father

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Taking a short break

We want to express a warm and sincere ‘Thank You’ to everyone who came out to the shows along our NorthEast route making each show a new and exhilarating experience.

Some fans have asked, “What next for the band?” We’re taking a short hiatus to do some traveling and work on some new tracks for you! That being said, we don’t like leaving you hanging without something new and exciting. So we’ll be releasing our About to Pop music video this month for your viewing pleasure.

We’re also planning to release a short film we made to give you a glimpse at our tour, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Wishing everyone an awesome holiday! Celebrate with friends and family. Find comfort and happiness in giving to others this season :) We love you!

Tals & the G

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Take off!

We had a great first time experience with the good people of New Paltz!! We took the stage at Snugs Friday night and enjoyed playing for a vibrant, dancing crowd. We’re happy that we’ll be playing there again on this tour and headlining this time (!) on Saturday, November 30th.
We opened the night with our World Pop flavor and enjoyed the reggae/ska band that followed, The Big Takeover.

Our second stop this weekend was in Binghamton NY at my old stomping grounds, The CyberCafe West. It was so nice being there and singing our newest material for old friends.
If you’re ever in the Binghamton area, be sure to stop at this awesome place. The food, the energy, and the music that comes through this cafe make it so special to so many. Keep giving back to this small business that makes a difference for so many.

Our next stop is Stella Blues LLC in New Haven, CT. See you there Thursday night!

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